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LLC "Vent Ustriy"

is a manufacturer of component parts for single-walled and heat insulated chimneys, ventilation ducts from stainless and zinc plated steel. Depending on various service conditions, chimneys can have different design features and can be from different materials. Production techniques and materials used in manufacture of component parts, affect on operation of boilers or furnaces, and on service lifetime of chimneys..

Chimneys of LLC "Vent Ustrii" production can be used for various types of fuel, require small installation area and have simple installation procedure. The manufacture of products is carried out on the basis of GOST 3262-75, p. 2.16.

The plasma arc welding is used in manufacturing of component parts. Techniques of the welding provide high quality of entire product range. This type of welding allows to prevent corrosion and achieve tightness, high thermal resistance and resistance to vacuum pressure..

LLC "Vent Ustrii" PRODUCTION includes near 200 items with diameters from 80mm to 1000mm. Our company accepts orders for manufacturing of custom-made component parts. Time of the order manufacture depends on level of complexity and at the average makes 2-3 days from the date of purchase order. Through the use of European equipment and highly qualified employees, we achieve high quality and short terms of production. The company has a certificate of conformity for chimney elements and smoke-exhausting systems from stainless and acid-resistant steels.


Grade AISI 201

Grade AISI 201 - doped austenitic alloy AISI 201 is similar in composition to 12H15G9ND domestic steel grade. This alloy includes 12% chromium, 0.75% silicon, near 9-10% manganese, 1% nickel. It allows to say about relatively low cost of AISI 201 pipe that, in most cases, plays a critical role in the selection of this category products.

Grade AISI 304

Grade AISI 304 - chemical composition, mechanical properties, weldability and corrosion resistance are the most universally applicable, so it is more frequently used in comparision with other steel grades. This steel also has good low temperature properties. It is used in manufacture of component parts for chimneys, combustion equipment in mining, chemical, cryogenic, food, milk products and pharmaceutical industries. At the present time, AISI 304 steel pipes hold key position in the global market of stainless rolled steel under the notion of most frequently used in construction. Strong demand for AISI 304 steel pipes is caused by their high physical and chemical characteristics.

Grade AISI 321

Grade AISI 321 - corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant steel. The recommended temperature of usage is up to 800 ?C, while the operational lifetime is sufficiently long. AISI 321 steel is resistant to intergranular corrosion even during welding in mildly corrosive environments due to the presence of titanium in the alloy.

Used for manufacture of welded equipment in various branches of industry (pipes, furnace accessories, heat exchangers, exhaust system tubes and manifolds, etc.).

Grade AISI 316

Grade AISI 316 is an improved version of AISI 304 due to the content of molybdenum and a little more content of nickel. This alloy significantly improves corrosion resistance in aggressive environments. Molybdenum makes steel more resistant to corrosion in chloride environment, sea water and acetic acid vapors. It is used for manufacture of special-purpose industrial equipment in chemical, food, pulp and paper, mining, pharmaceutical and petrochemical branches.

Grade AISI 309

Grade AISI 309 relates to a heat-resistant heat-resistant steel. The high content of nickel and chromium provides excellent oxidation resistance and high strength at high temperature. This grade of stainless steel have become very malleable and has good weldability - that characterizes its wider application.

AISI 309 can be used in the heating resistance elements. The recommended use temperature should not exceed 1000 ° C. Application AISI 309 is widely used in all high-temperature environments, where a significant need corrosion resistance, heat resistance, creep resistance.

Steel is used for parts operating at high temperature in a lightly loaded state (boxes for carburizing furnace conveyors, furnace valves with operating temperatures up to 950 ° C), oil and gas, chemical, mining and metallurgical industries.

Grade 310 AISI

Grade 310 AISI is heat-resistant heat-resistant steel. The high chromium and nickel content steel impart excellent oxidation resistance as well as high strength at high temperatures. This variety is also very malleable, and has good weldability - which accounts for its widespread use. Used for the manufacture of parts for the systems conversion of methane, pyrolysis, etc. In the chemical and petroleum industries, gas, combustion chambers.

It can be used for heating resistance elements. Recommended application temperature of 1000 ° C. AISI 310 are widely used in all high-temperature environments that require high corrosion resistance as well as good heat resistance and creep resistance.